Welcome to Defog the Blog!

Here is a working site helping folks learn to start swimming in the sea of blogs.



Getting rid of the Top NAV bar

Here is a great website...even from 2005 with a video that walks you through the process of getting rid of the nav bar in blogger.


Dance Friday night

We will be hosting a dance at Rosendale Cafe.


Agenda for Last Class... :o(

1. We will review what we have done up to this point.
-The relationship of your blog to the rest of your project,..how you can bring the money to you.

2. We will review blogs of classes past. and then we will add and review the blogs of you. The Blogs of the Class present and Future...

3. Lets review The How to's : Adding a picture, link, tag, video, gadget, add Adsense ads  add a Amazon widget!

We will take a break. 

4. We will focus on finding your Tribe...We will take a field trip to Technorati and have you register with Technorati. Click on the Technorati Blog Directory. .See if you can find the topic(s) of your blog.

4. Parting Shot ....Look at this post to this Hilarious blog


Writing strategies

here's that topic map from ProBlogger to help organize thoughts for posting topics...
Go to the ProBlogger archive on starting a new blog.
Info on using Mind Map;

and this site is helpful as well. 


Digging into that Blog!

Welcome back to the wonderful world of Defogging the Blog...I bet you have been busy. Here are more links we will refer to in today's class.

A great how-to site for many different sections of a blog;
Info on creating a high-traffic blog;

Info on using Mind Map;

Info on AdWords;

Website Grader;

And here's a site I think is pretty

Naming your BLOG is like naming your baby

Creating an Identity..are you creating a blog about books or a Bookslut's haven

•Ideal name needs to be memorable
•Stand out from the crowd
•Means something
•Original & engaging to attract an audience
•Buttress your online persona
•Superhero identity..


Your Tribe..your community, your homies

Who do you want your site to link to?
Who do you want to link to your site?
What Blog Community do you want to join?
Do you need to pay to be a member?
Blogher is a community of women bloggers
There are artist communities, political communities, real estate...
what's your pleasure?
Start looking at blogs on your topic, see who they are affiliated with...
Start by just responding to other people's blogs. This way you are participating with other like minded folks.

Look at all the Zen related blogs and how they connect to others? get $ flowing in?
Zen Mind
Daily Zen
Zen Habits


Finding Photos to add to your site

This site has ridiculously low price (.19 per) royalty free images

And there is always Flickr
which could be free if you want to upload your own images or
find an image and ask by email permission from the photographer
This space is an archive of a whole community of image makers who use Flickr
as a free place to store/showcase their work.

Library of Congress has a great collection

Smithsonian Image Collection is also handy.

New York Public Library Digital Archive
You can shoot and upload your own images
as well.

How to post a link...

Click on Create a Post.

Find and paste your URL to this space

Highlight the word you want your URL to link to...
Click on the world and chain icon on the tool bar and a pop-up box appears. Paste the URL in the box.


The very beginning of Defog the Blog

Welcome to the world of defogging the Blog...We are here to figure out what a blog is, the history of blogs, how to make one, how to make money with one, what topics makes sense for you and for me.

Here is the presentation for our first class:
(I like to keep the powerpoints on slideshare.com)

BRC user name: CEInstructor CEpassword:Told2bout
student computers, username: password:

Links for referral:

Weblog Awards (2009)
Best of the Blogs
Bloggers Choice Awards 2009
Technorati Popular: Top 100 Blogs
Time Magazine's 25 Best blogs 2009

Blog search engines:

Blog Pulse


First things first

1. Introductions

2. Sign in with Google and Make a blog with Blogger

How to Blog with Blogger

3. Break

4. Review making a blog. Questions

4. Look at Blogs that are out there

Add caption
5. Homework is to look at blogs.

6. Contemplate getting the book. You could get the ebook


Your Blog Big picture..

•What is your overall strategy?
•Are you a good writer? Tech?graphics?
•How are you going to get there?
•you do not have to go at this alone.
•Hire people or be like Kotaku…group work